Rename file

After you upload a file, you can rename it in the media library.

Select a file and right-click to open the options dropdown. Click on the "Rename" menu item.

It will open a modal where you can enter the new file name.

The new file name can contain:

  • Alphanumeric Characters: a-z , A-Z , 0-9 (including Unicode letters, marks, and numerals in other languages).

  • Special Characters . _ and -

Any other character, including space, will be replaced by an underscore character i.e. _.

While renaming, you can also choose to purge the CDN cache for URL with the old file name.

Old URLs will stop working

When you rename a file, the URL also changes, which means the old URL will stop working. It could be cached for a while, but it will eventually stop working.

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