Default Images

Default Images are used as placeholders when the image requested using does not exist. Instead of delivering a broken link or returning a 404 error, a default image can be delivered. provides an easy way to achieve this without making changes at the application level.

The parameter di specifies the path of the image that must be delivered when the original image is not available. The default image must be available within the Media library and not in your origin. All the transformations applied to the original image are applied to the default image as well, before delivering it.

For example: If the default image is:

Default Image:

The following URL fetches the default image when the original image isn't available.

If the default image is nested inside multiple folders, then you need to specify the entire default image path in this parameter. Replace / with @@ in the default image path. For example, if the default image is accessible on, then the di parameter should be di-@@path@@to@@image.jpg.

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