Video Optimization

Websites with video lead to higher engagement and sales. But videos files are big and it is important that you deliver the video properly and ensure that the playback of the video is seamless and doesn't stall. When a smaller video is downloaded, video playback occurs sooner, and the video buffer fills up faster. offers multiple video optimization features that work out of the box. For example, automatic best format selection and quality optimization reduce the final size of the output video.
Automatic format conversion and quality compression are turned ON by default, in line with the standard practices for delivering videos on the web.
This feature is off by default. You can turn on the automatic video format and quality optimization for your account under video settings in your dashboard.
The following features related to video optimization can be found in your dashboard under the settings section.
  1. 1.
    Automatic video format conversion
  2. 2.
    Video quality optimization
Here is the list of codecs that is supported by ImageKit for automatic optimization.