Cache purging provides two methods to clear the cache for a particular image URL.

  1. Using the Dashboard.

  2. Using API.

Through the Dashboard

Navigate to Purge Cache within the dashboard

Click on 'New Request' at the top right corner of the page to open a popup.

Enter the full image URL for which you want to clear the cache. If the URL contains path transformation parameters or query transformation parameters, add those parameters as well to clear the cache. You can enter multiple URLs separated by a new line, and a maximum of 100 URLs can be submitted in a single request.

You can purge the cache for all variants of an image like this:*

Note that the wildcard can only be appended at the end of a complete image path (must include extension). Wildcards within the path are not supported by the dashboard.

Please reach out to the team at to clear the cache for the entire account or for a pattern.

Click 'Submit' and allow a few minutes for the cache to clear. It would be best if you refreshed the dashboard to get the updated cache clear status.

If the cache does not clear within a reasonable time, please create a support ticket from the dashboard or email us at

Clearing the cache through the dashboard does not clear the cache within the user's browser. It only removes the cache for the URL at the CDN and's internal caches. Browser cache is cleared only when the object/file associated with the URL expires or is forcefully cleared by the end-user. We recommend implementing versioning of your static resource URLs to ensure instant update for all your users without having to clear the cache.

Limits on Cache Clear

You can clear 1000 URL caches in a month from a single account (from both the dashboard and Purge API combined). When you reach this limit, cache clear requests get blocked on your account. If you need more cache clear requests within a month, please create a support ticket through the dashboard or email us at