Media Collections

Enterprise plan only This feature is only available in custom enterprise pricing plans.

Media collections provide a simple and dynamic way to create logical groupings of files and folders, regardless of their folder structure. A file or folder that is present in any directory can be added to one or more media collections. Since they are logical groupings, the asset's actual location and URL remain the same, and there is no duplication.

You can easily add or remove assets from media collections and set their permission level for users as per your organization's needs. By doing this, you can manage your asset's workflow and access without having to delete or move it, which might break the asset's URL.

Media collections also provide a convenient way for users to collaborate with each other, irrespective of the assets' actual location. It makes it easier for the administrator to manage assets, share them with different users or user groups, and manage their permissions.

For example, you can create a media collection of the latest brand assets that may be used by different teams across the organisation to ensure all communications use the latest brand assets that are managed and kept up-to-date centrally by a marketing team.

ImageKit provides the following actions on media collections:

Access control and permissions

Learn about actions that can be performed on media collections and associated assets by restricted media library users here.

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