User access management

User access management allows you to manage how your team members access dashboard. You can add users with different roles and permission e.g. developers, accountant, account administrator.

Paid plan only User access management is currently available only to paid users.

Adding a new user in account

Go to users section in dashboard and click on Add user button. Fill out the form and choose the user role.

Add user form in dashboard

Maximum number of users 🙌 An account can have a maximum of 5 users. Please reach out to support at if you want to add more users.

User roles

A user can have four different roles:

  1. Account administrator - Best for people managing complete account. User with this role has full access to your account and can add other users.

  2. Accountant - Your finance team member should have this role. A user with accountant role can access analytics and billing section. The user has the permission to change the subscription.

  3. Developer - Your development team member should have this role. A user with developer role can access integration, media-library, analytics, cache purge utility, performance center, developers section, and image settings.

  4. Marketer - A user with this role can access media-library. This role is suitable for marketing team members who need to upload marketing assets.