Download media library assets as zip

ImageKit Media Library allows you to download multiple files, folders, and all of their contents including sub-folders as a single zip file. The downloaded zip maintains the original folder structure.

Download limits A maximum of 300 files and folders can be downloaded in a single zip file. The total size of the assets to be downloaded cannot exceed 1 GB.

How to download as zip?

Go to your media library on the Imagekit dashboard and select multiple files or folders using ctrl + click (or command + click for Mac users). When multiple files or folders are selected, the "Download (as zip)" option is available in the context menu.

Click on the "Download (as zip)" option. In the pop-up dialog box, you may apply an optional transformation to all the images in the selected files and folders. Static and video files are not modified.

Download transformed images Marketing teams may find this feature useful, as it allows the creation of a single type of variant for all images inside a folder with particular height and width dimensions.

Click on "Submit" to start the zip generation process. The status of download requests being processed appears in the bottom panel. Once the zip file is successfully generated, it will be downloaded automatically.

Downloads page

You can navigate out of the media library screen and carry on with other tasks without waiting for your download requests to be processed. Later on, you can go to the Downloads page by clicking on the "Downloads" link in the bottom-right corner of the media library screen.

Here you can view the basic details about your zip file downloads, like name, creation time, file count, and folder count of zip files created up to the past seven days. You can search or sort the list based on name, time, etc. You can also download your zip file again using the link provided in the table.

A restricted media library user can only view the downloads they have requested on this page.

Download link validity The download link generated is valid up to seven days from the time of zip generation.

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