Bulk job status

Bulk job status API

GET https://api.imagekit.io/v1/bulkJobs/:jobId

This endpoint allows you to get the status of a bulk operation e.g. copy or move folder API.

Path Parameters


  "jobId": "job_id",
  "type": "COPY_FOLDER",
  "status": "Completed" // or "Pending"

Response structure and status code (application/JSON)

In case of an error, you will get an error code along with the error message. On success, you will receive a 200 status code with a JSON-encoded body.

Understanding the response

The JSON-encoded response will have the following properties:

curl -X GET "https://api.imagekit.io/v1/bulkJobs/job_id" \
-u your_private_api_key:

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