Video Transformation (Alpha release)
URL-based parameters to manipulate videos in real-time.

URL Based transformations

Using, you can perform real-time transformations to deliver perfect videos to the end-users. These transformations can be performed by using the URL-based transformation parameters.
URL structure
URL-endpoint transformation video path
These transformation parameters w-300,h-300 can be added in the URL as path params or as query parameters.

Limitations of the Alpha release

  • Videos over 35MB in size will not be transformed.
  • When you request a new transformation or have turned on video optimization features, if the video is not cached on CDN or our internal caches, we will give a 302 and serve the original content. Within a few seconds, optimized transformations are generated and stored in our caches. From that point onwards, we will serve the actual transformed video. We know that this is not ideal, and we are working on delivering transformed video in real-time. For your users, this should not create a problem as most of the time, transformations will be created the first time you update URLs.
Last modified 4mo ago