SEO-friendly image URL

Give your images an SEO-friendly name without modifying the actual file name in the storage

ImageKit helps you create SEO-friendly URLs dynamically

Image SEO starts with the file name. Google uses the URL path as well as the file name to understand your images.

For example, consider the following image of the Eiffel Tower:

The image URL should have "Eiffel Tower" instead of "DSC1234.jpg".

Bad image URL

SEO-friendly image URL

Dynamic SEO suffix (ik-seo)

In cases when you cannot modify the file names of already stored images, ImageKit helps you create SEO-friendly URLs dynamically.

For example, let say you have the following image of the Eiffel Tower.

Here, is your URL-endpoint.

You can dynamically use eiffel-tower.jpg as the file name using ik-seo parameter. For example:

So the following URL:

will fetch the same image as:





Accessing file that is stored in a nested folder

If your file is stored inside a nested folder e.g. .

You can still dynamically add an SEO-friendly suffix like this: