User groups

Enterprise plan only This feature is only available in custom enterprise pricing plans.

ImageKit's Digital Asset Management workflow provides a simple way to share assets and media collections with teams. You can simplify your workflow by configuring asset or media collection access permissions to user groups, which can be associated with many users, as opposed to defining those permissions for one media library restricted user at a time.

Note that you can only add media library restricted users to a user group.

Go to the User management section in ImageKit's dashboard. Under the User groups tab in the side menu, you will find the following options:

  • View existing user group details.

  • Create new user groups and add users to it.

  • Update an existing user group's name and add or remove users from it.

  • Delete user group.

User group limits

  • There are no limits to the number of users that can be added to a user group.

  • You can create at most five user groups. Please reach out to support at if you want to create more user groups.

  • A user group's name is unique and case-insensitive. They can only contain alphabets, numbers, and spaces.

Access control and permissions

Read about access sharing and permission levels here. You can define the permission level for restricted media library users through user groups on your assets and media collections as per your organizations requirements and DAM workflow.

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