Using with your CDN

By default, offers a global CDN (Amazon CloudFront). It means that not only are your images optimized for size and you get to transform them as per your requirements, you get a superfast delivery network with that helps deliver images to your end users in milliseconds. You can use's integrated CDN for delivering not only images, but also JS/CSS/fonts, or any other static asset.

However, you can integrate with your CDN as well. This could be useful if you are in a long-term contract with any existing CDN vendor.

Custom Enterprise Paid plan feature ****This setup is only supported for paid accounts which requires a minimum billing and traffic commitment per month. Please get in touch with the support team if you want to use with your CDN.

Supported CDNs

We have integrated and tested with the following CDNs so far:

Features availability


Image transformation


Automatic image optimization


Automatic format conversion


Network-based media optimization


Data Saver




Integration steps

  1. Our team will work with you to do the necessary configuration changes in your CDN to support automatic format conversion, client hints, and data saver mode.

  2. Test the configuration of your CDN and go live.

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