After migrating to ImageKit.io from another service, ImageKit.io can translate your pre-existing transformation URLs written in the syntax of your previous service provider to ImageKit's syntax. This allows you to continue using your already written URLs with minimal changes. For example, if you are migrating from Cloudinary, ImageKit can translate the following URL written in Cloudinary's syntax to ImageKit's syntax:

                   static part                                         transformations        file path


  • The static part - https://res.cloudinary.com/<cloudinary_cloud_name>/image/upload must be manually replaced by you with https://ik.iamgekit.io/<your_imagekit_id>

  • The transformations part - h_300,w_300,c_crop,g_north will be translated by ImageKit to produce tr:h-300,w-300,cm-extract,fo-top

  • The file path - folder/image.jpg will stay as it is unless your file structure has changed during migration

Supported services

ImageKit.io currently supports rewriting URLs for the following services:

How to use a URL-rewriter

A URL-rewriter can be attached to a URL-endpoint in your account. For instance, If you attach the Cloudinary URL-rewriter to the endpoint with the cl_rewrite identifier, ImageKit will accept transformations written in Cloudinary's syntax for all URLs on this endpoint.

An example URL that performs two chained transformations might look like this:


To attach a rewriter to one of your endpoints, please contact us at support@imagekit.io.

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