Create folders's Media Library helps you efficiently upload and search files in folders.

Create a Folder

Click on the New button on the top right corner and select New folder option. This will open a popup. Enter the folder name and click the submit. The new folder will be created in your current directory.

Searching for a folder follows the same steps as a file search. You can enter the name of the folder you wish to search within the 'Search Bar' on top of the Media Library.

Add Files to Folders

To add files to a particular folder, you need to open the folder first.

  1. Find the folder to which you want to add the files. You can find the folder using the 'Search Bar', or by navigating to the folder.

  2. You can now drag and drop images, or use the popup-based file selection to upload files to the selected folder.

In case you have any questions regarding adding files to the folder, please get in touch with our team at

Asset ownership

If a new folder is created through the ImageKit media library, the creator of the folder will be the "owner" of the folder. Asset ownership governs the access and permission level of the user on an asset. They would have "manage" access to the folder and all its subfolders and files. Learn how asset ownership controls access and permission levels here.

The folder will not have any ownership info if it is not created via the dashboard, e.g. via the API or an SDK. Note that when creating a new folder at a location where a folder with the same name already exists, the owner of the folder does not change.

Access control and permissions

A restricted media library user cannot create folders at the root of the media library. Furthermore, such a user needs at least "contribute" permission on the parent folder of any location to be able to create new folders.

You can share a folder with a restricted user by providing "Can contribute" or "Can manage" access to it; this will allow them to start uploading their own assets and creating folders inside it.

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