Upload files

Currently, you can upload images and static files to the media library in two ways - using the dashboard, and using the upload API. currently supports these formats for upload.
File size limit The maximum upload file size is limited to 25MB on the free plan. On paid plan, this limit is 300MB for video files.

Using Dashboard

Within the dashboard, navigate to the 'Media Library' section.
To upload files, either drag and drop files anywhere on the screen or

Select the file and upload

Click on the New button on the top right corner and select File Upload.
Select the file from the local device to start uploading.
Select file and upload

Drag & drop file upload

You can drag multiple files anywhere on the media library screen to upload.
Drag and drop file upload
Info: When uploading images, appends a random string to the image file name to avoid replacing images with the same file name. You can turn off this setting within the Upload Section of Image Settings within the dashboard.

Using the Upload API

You can also upload images to's media library programmatically. Read the Upload API documentation here.