Default limits on input or output media in ImageKit

Your ImageKit account has some default limits and quotas to prevent abuse and protect our infrastructure. This ensures that is fast and stable for everyone.

Most of these limits can be adjusted upon request. Contact if you need to increase these limits on your account.

There are certain limits, like those on image transformation dimensions, which are a limitation of the underlying image format. These limits cannot be modified.

Image limits


Input image size

(accessed from your origin or media library)



Image resolution (input or transformed)

100 MP


Max image transformation dimensions (dimensions greater than this in the transformation string will get ignored)

65535 px


Max WebP image transformation dimensions (dimensions greater than this will not work for transformation)

16383 px


Video limits

Refer to limits before using in production.

Expensive transformation limits

By default, we do not charge for transformations when you use ImageKit. However, if an account extensively uses expensive transformations such as AVIF conversion, complex text or image overlays, smart crop, or other AI-related transformations, in that case, our sales team may reach out to explore alternative options. Those options include upgrading to a custom plan that fits the usage pattern, helping you bring down the unique transformation count, or even migrating off our platform if ImageKit is not the right fit for your requirements. Please note that over 99% of the customers do not face these limitations.

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