Quality Optimization

Video quality

Similar to images, there is a tradeoff between visual quality and file sizes. However, it is possible to compress a video file without any loss in perceptual visual quality.

ImageKit.io allows you to choose a quality level between 1 and 100. 1 results in the lowest perceptual quality and smallest file size. 100 results in the highest perceptual quality and biggest file size.

Choosing 100 quality will not improve an already low-quality video. However, it will increase the size of the video file. It is recommended to not use a 100 quality setting.

Frequently asked questions

How to enable/disable video quality optimization

Video quality optimization is turned on by default. You can disable it for the whole account. Select settings from the left main menu. Inside Videos, under optimization, toggle "optimize video quality" control.

For older accounts, all video-related optimization settings are OFF. You can turn it ON from the settings section in your dashboard. Additional charges will apply. Please go through the pricing. Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

How to control video quality from the dashboard?

By default, ImageKit sets the video quality to 50. You can change this.

Select settings from the left main menu. Inside Videos, under optimization, select the default quality level.

Video default quality settings

How to override quality?

Use q parameter to override default quality settings.

For example, a video file served in q-20 is 397KB in size and has relatively low perceptual quality compared to a q-90 which is around 7.6MB.

Quality 20
Quality 90