Image Tagging and searching

Image Tagging is a good practice to sort and search images, as tags are additional attributes that can be attached to an image file.

For example: If you have a picture of a man wearing a t-shirt on your website, then you might want some additional attributes attached to the image, other than it's metadata, like:

  1. Colour: Black

  2. Collar: Round Neck

  3. Sleeve: Short Sleeve

  4. Material: Cotton

  5. Print: Solid

This information might not be possibly reflected in the image name, and neither is it easy to organize the resources based on these attributes. Image Tags help with such day-to-day problems.

Add Image Tags

You can either add image tags while uploading the image or you can add tags from the Media Library.

To add a tag to an image, click on the file in any view - 'Image View', 'Directory View', or 'Search Results'. This would open a popup with details like File Name, File Dimensions, File Size, and more.

Enter the tags you need or select from a list of previously used tags under the 'Image Tags' field, below the Image Name.

Tagging image in Media library

Search with Image Tags

Enter the tag name(s) you wish to search for, or choose from the dropdown list in the Search Area within the Media Library, and click on 'Search'. All images associated with the tag will be shown in the search results. You can also use the search API.

Searching files in Media Library

Update Image Tags

You can update the image tags from the image detail popup in the media library or using the file update API as well.

If you have any questions regarding Image Tagging, or any feedback regarding this feature, please get in touch with our team at