Using with a custom domain name

What is a custom domain?

Let's say that your website is loading at, now you can configure to serve your images via a custom domain, for example -

How to configure a custom domain?

Custom domain only works on's Premium Plan or a larger custom plan. On the Premium plan, one custom domain is available for free. The additional custom domains can be purchased at an additional cost. The support team handles the SSL verification, certificate procurement, and deployment process. Once you are ready, tell us the custom domain you want to configure via support chat or by emailing us at Our team will provide you with the next steps.

Automatic SSL certificate procurement

We use Let’s Encrypt to procure and renew certificates for your domains automatically. After the initial setup, we will take care of certificate renewals.

Accessing the image through a custom domain

Once the custom domain name is configured, you will be able to fetch the image using this domain instead of URL endpoint

Suppose the old URL was -

The new URL would become -

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