First step

Whether you are serving a few hundred, or a few billion images, you can easily integrate in the existing infrastructure. Let's learn how to get started quickly.

Step 1: Create an account

If you haven't yet signed up, create a free account. offers a forever free plan with generous limits. If you are just getting started with your website, our free plan has got you covered.

Step 2: Choose an ID ID is a unique identifier for your account. If you don't opt for a custom domain name, then ID will become part of your image URLs. It should be alphanumeric.

Step 3: Choose a processing region

Apart from a global CDN, has its core-processing servers running in multiple locations across the world to reduce the latency between your image storage or server, and's processing location. Additionally, with built-in automatic failovers, this setup provides higher availability and performance.

After you verify your email, asks you to choose one of the below processing region:

  1. North California (United States)

  2. North Virginia (United States)

  3. Frankfurt (Europe)

  4. Mumbai (India)

  5. Singapore (Singapore)

  6. Sydney (Australia)

🧙♂ Tips: Choosing the right processing region plays a critical role in the response time for first-time image requests. Choose a region which is closest to your origin server location.