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This feature is only available in custom enterprise pricing plans. For more information, please contact the support team or your ImageKit Customer Success Manager.

Visual search allows you to search for similar images based on visual content. Instead of relying on text-based keywords or metadata, you can search based on visual elements like colors, shapes, textures, and any other information derived from the image.

By searching visually rather than by name or metadata, you can:

  • Easily locate images without needing to remember the tags or names of the files.

  • Search for similar images in your media library.

  • Identify duplicates in your media library with ease.

  • Discover images in your media library through visual characteristics.

  • Group visually similar images together for better organization.

  • Enhance the discoverability of your assets.

You can perform visual search from the dashboard either by text or by image

Searching by Text

You can type in a word or a phrase to find images that visually match it.

For example, you can type in summer dresses; all the images related to summer dresses will be retrieved from your media library.

Searching by Image

You can find matches based on the image you upload.

For example, uploading the image from this URL will retrieve images related to a woman wearing a red shirt with sunglasses.

Searching by Image URL

You can find matches based on the image URL you provide.

For example, entering this URL in the input box will retrieve images related to a scenic view of a beach with a house.

Finding similar images to assets uploaded in the Media Library

Visual Search lets you easily and quickly identify duplicate assets or find similar images in your media library.

You can do this directly from the File Details page in the Media Library.

Use the "Find similar" button to execute a visual search using the image URL.

The search results will include all images that match the context of the image you are trying to find similar ones to. Any duplicate files will appear at the start of the search results.


  • Visual search is compatible only with the following image formats: JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, AVIF, and SVG.

  • Images exceeding 25MB will not be included in the search results.

  • For the "Search by Image" feature, images larger than 10MB cannot be uploaded; however, you can search for images up to 25MB using the image URL.

  • Visual search results will not include file versions.

  • Find similar operation is not available for file versions.

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