Others transformations



cp Color Profile

Used to specify whether the output image should contain the color profile that is initially available with the original image. It is recommended to remove the color profile before serving the images on web and apps.  However, if you feel that the output image looks faded or washed out after using ImageKit.io, and want to preserve the colors of your original image, you should set this parameter to "true". Default Value- false (from the dashboard) https://ik.imagekit.io/demo/tr:h-300,w-400,f-jpg,cp-true/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg Possible Values- true and false 

md Image Metadata

Used to specify whether the output image should contain all the metadata that is initially available with the original image. Image metadata is not relevant for rendering on the web and apps. It is, thus, recommended to not use it while delivering images. The only situation to enable the metadata option is when you want additional data like camera information, lens information, and other image profiles attached to your original image.  Default Value- false  (from the dashboard) https://ik.imagekit.io/demo/tr:h-300,w-400,f-jpg,md-true/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg Possible Values- true and false 

rt Rotate

Used to specify the degree by which the output image must be rotated or specifies the use of EXIF Orientation Tag for the rotation of image using the auto parameter. Possible Values0 , 90 , 180 , 270 , 360 , and auto . https://ik.imagekit.io/demo/tr:rt-90/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg

r Radius

Used to specify the radius that must be used to obtain a rounded output image. To obtain a perfectly rounded image, set the value to max . This parameter is applied after resizing the original image, if defined. Possible ValuesPositive Integer  and max  https://ik.imagekit.io/demo/tr:r-20/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg

bg Background Color

Used to specify the background color in RGB Hex Code (e.g. FF0000) or an RGBA Code (e.g. FFAABB50) that must be used for the image. If you specify an 8 character background, the last two characters must be a number between 00 and 99 , which is used to indicate the opacity level of the background.  00 represents an opacity level of 0.00, 01  represents opacity level 0.01, and so on. Default Value - Black 00000https://ik.imagekit.io/demo/tr:h-700,w-700,cm-pad_extract,bg-272B38/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg Possible Values - Valid RGB Hex Code

orig Original Image

By default, any image that is delivered via ImageKit.io always gets optimized in some way or the other. While this automatic optimization is great for web and apps, there might be certain cases where you want to get the original image as is. You can do so by using the parameter orig  and set the value to true .  If there are any other transformation parameters specified along with orig-true , then those get ignored. https://ik.imagekit.io/demo/tr:orig-true/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg